Core Features

Advanced Multi-Search

Insanely fast advanced search backed up with powerful Elasticsearch back-end. Execute and analyze parallel queries with ZettaLogs’ unique and powerful multi-search capability.

Automatic Parsing

Extract the structure out of your logs automatically. Hundreds of common log formats are predefined for your convenience.

Custom Formats

Extract the structure from your custom application logs for effective analysis. Define custom log formats with easy to use hierarchical named regular expressions.


Turn any query result into an alarm. Send notifications to e-mails and webhooks.


Create and save line, bar, pie charts from search results. Arrange your charts in customizable dashboards. Save and share your dashboards with team members.


Do not loose logs even after your retention period ends. Archive logs into your Amazon S3 bucket.

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More Features

Team Work

Multiple users may access a project for team work. Define user roles to access restriction.


Timestamp your archive files for proof of log generation time. May facilitate compliance with archiving requirements.
Log management is crucial for running a distributed infrastructure. Zettalogs allowed us to manage all of our logs from all of our servers at single point. With filters and multi-search, we can easily analyse logs from different sources on the same timeline. Ozgur Gesli

CTO, Tilda Live Broadcasting

Easy-to-configure Log Management

Our log management service is configured very easily in a few steps. Just drop our ready-to-use config file in your server, type in your license key, and you are all set. Since it is a cloud based log management and log processing solution no processing is done on your servers. We have most of popular software for windows and linux covered in our step by step tutorials. Sign-up and try it for free!

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