5651 Users

ZettaLogs online log management service, offers certified timestamping option with archiving. Turkish 5651 users that are in need of the logging service that complies with the 5651 bill may select Kamu SM (Kamu Sertifikasyon Merkezi) as the time-stamping authority. Kamu SM is a government organization backed by TÜBİTAK. They are one of the officially recognized time-stamping authority in Turkey.

Archiving Options with Kamu SM

The only thing to do is to select Kamu SM as the time-stamping authority. Time-stamps will be generated using Kamu SM’s time-stamping service.


Kamu SM distributes a console client called Zamane which can generate and verify time-stamps. The time-stamp file generated with it, is a shortened version of the full RFC3161 response. OpenSSL does not recognize the short version and Zamane does not recognize the full version. To overcome this problem we generate two versions of the time-stamp file: the standard full version with extension .tsr and a short version with extension .zd which can be verified by Zamane. Zamane console application may be used as follows to validate the time-stamp.

$ java -jar ZamaneConsole-2.0.5.jar -C 9251e007d8484425942b0d6d5752fb01-2016-05-24-07.27.tar 9251e007d8484425942b0d6d5752fb01-2016-05-24-07.27.tar.zd
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