ZettaLogs is a cloud log management service. For healthy management of today’s cloud based web applications, it is imperative to collect logs from all pieces of software comprising the application system in a common location to analyze and react to developing incidents in real time. Traditionally, log data is used to be only available to a few people in the IT department of a company and was only investigated in the event of a catastrophic failure of the system. However, effective management of log data provides essential information on the health of running applications. Cloud log management makes it possible to inspect the statuses of applications in real time. If any application diverts from its optimal operating condition, log management system can detect it and generate alarms. In addition, it becomes possible to perform root cause analysis on the problems. Invaluable information can be gained on the cause of problems from collecting logs from different parts of a distributed system into a common location and performing comparative analysis. Furthermore, logs contain valuable information that can be used for web analytics, customer support, business analytics. Log management system makes it possible to extract structural data from unstructured log lines and analyze and graphically present extracted information to gain a general picture of the system.

ZettaLogs cloud log management service, offers all these features as a web service so that customers can access quality log management service for less price. Customers send their log data to be analyzed to our system in real time. System retains data for a defined period of time for the selected plan. It is possible to perform search, filtering and labeling inside the log records for accessing the information easily. It is also possible to extract fields from unstructured log data and analyze, visualize and generate alarms over extracted fields.

A project is created for you when you create a new user and enter the application for the first time. This first project is created with the trial plan. Each new user has 1 month access to full features of ZettaLogs with the trial plan. Projects are the top level units of organization in ZettaLogs. You should send all your logs that you wish to analyze together to the same project. It is easy to categorize logs inside a project using filters with specific values for any number of log fields like application name or host name. Different projects live in completely separate universes and have no relation whatsoever to each other. Each user gets only one project with trial plan for the first month of registration. Unless they are upgraded to a paid plan before expiry, trial projects are downgraded to the free plan, which is free for life.

Once the first project is created, you enter the application and directed to the project settings view. Here you see the project name, timezone and plan information. You may change the project name anytime you like. While displaying logs the time-stamps will be formatted according to your project’s timezone setting. Adjust it here to your liking.

Project Settings

Now click on the Explorer tab on the header. For now it is empty since we have not sent any logs yet.

Main Explorer

At this point follow the instructions in Sending Logs section to setup your client machine for sending logs to ZettaLogs. After you do your setup you should start to see logs in your explorer view.

Main Explorer with Data