Team Work

ZettaLogs cloud log management service, makes it easy to share projects for effective team work. Each project has a single owner. However, it may have a number of other users. Users may be added to the project from Project Settings -> Users/Roles panel.

New User Role Definition
User Role Table

An already existing user in ZettaLogs system may be added to the project as either a regular user or admin. Admins may modify project settings like the name of the project and they may also define new formats, alarms etc. Users on the other hand may use the all the features of the system and view results but cannot change the configuration of the project. This access control makes it easy to share projects with team members. Project subscription operations like renewing, upgrading or deleting can only be performed by the project owner.

New User Role Definition with Unregistered User
User Role Table Waiting for User Registration

It is also possible to add a user that does not exist in ZettaLogs to a project. In that case, ZettaLogs sends an invitation e-mail to that user for confirmation. If the invited user clicks the confirmation link he/she is directed to registration view. Upon successful registration he/she will be automatically added to the project.